Why join GoHealth BC?

  • We support work-life balance by using a self-scheduling model.
  • GoHealth BC employees are part of the BC Nurses’ Union, which means you receive higher wages as per a new three-year collective agreement with BC’s health employers.
  • You choose where and when you want to work and your preferred departments.
  • Your schedule is built six times per year in two-month blocks.
  • Your travel hours count towards your FTE.
  • GoHealth BC employees get to explore BC while working.
  • You get the opportunity to meet and network with other health care professionals and travel nurses.
  • GoHealth BC employees don’t need to uproot and move! You can live anywhere in Canada and be part of our team.
  • Part-time GoHealth BC employees receive medical and dental benefits, accrue sick time and paid vacation leave, and contribute to the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP). You receive all the benefits of traditional unionized employment with the additional benefit of travel and self-scheduling.