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Why GoHealth BC?

GoHealth BC provides a creative, innovative, and flexible approach to serving rural and remote communities – allowing you to expand your scope of professional practice while experiencing new things! 

We are currently offering permanent part-time and casual positions to 

  • RNs
  • RPNs
  • LPNs

 with a minimum of two years of acute, long-term care, or specialty experience. 


“If travel nursing is for you, I think this is a very solid option. You really need to be curious and adaptable – someone who likes to experience new things. It’s a really good opportunity to learn and grow.”
- Jill Hruska
“I like the flexible schedule. I like being able to go for vacations when I want to. Basically, I can plan around my life as opposed to a life I plan around my job."
- Nicole Workman
“When you go into a rural area where you don't have the same support system, you end up having to nurse with a lot more baseline understanding and knowledge. You can do your ACLS and your PALS and your triage courses, but this is kind of putting them all to the test. I'm really enjoying relearning how to be a nurse again.”
- Kimberly Foster
“There's something very special about working in small communities; you feel like it's not really a job. It's more like this is my extended family.”
- Mary Ann Lo
“Being able to create our own schedule and have a bit of variety into where we want to go makes a big difference.”
- Claudia Kranabitter
"I like GoHealth BC because you feel like an employee as opposed to a contract worker. You have that sense of security."
- Patty Poudrier
"You get so much more with GoHealth BC. For example, I get to have a rental car so I don't feel isolated being in a place that I don't know."
- Darla Umaming
“I’ve been nursing for a long time, so I thought it would be interesting to see a bit more of the province and have an opportunity to travel.”
- Kris Kristjanson

Explore BC's rural and remote communities

Explore BC's rural and remote communities
Northern Health


Smithers is a town located approximately halfway between Prince George and Prince Rupert. It provides service coverage for most of the Bulkley Valley.
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Ready to join

Ready to join

Ready to join?

If you want to explore beautiful BC while providing care in rural and remote settings, please apply for a part-time or casual travel nurse position today!  

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